• Holly Richards

Biting Off More Than You Can Hue

Because starting a blog on top of a day job, deadlines, personal projects and social media, is the perfect procrastination/distraction from it all.

This is to keep me grounded, to hold me accountable to my own creativity, to 'check in' with my art and my own creative journey and become a place to empty my jumbled mind and see what comes of the madness.

I studied Illustration at University, and after graduating I had convinced myself that I could juggle it all, somehow start a career in illustration, while working practically full time to give me financial security until I "made it" as an artist. Something our lecturers even advised against, but I was naive and thought I would be the exception.

For the best part of three years, I lived with this delusion, believing it by making one bigger project every year, and drawing whenever I had spare time. It felt like I was making progress, and while my art did improve, I wasn't taking any steps towards making a career of it. It was mostly just a hobby I was putting all my effort into with no real direction.

So my advice for managing the 'Creative Juggle' - give yourself time. Work part-time to allow yourself the time to focus on your art / creative endeavours, so that when you come to sit down and draw, paint, write, you aren't burned out from the get-go. Give yourself a chance.

I am fortunate enough now that I only work 3 days a week and can use the rest of my time to create artwork and start to turn it into a career. I also still live at home with my parents, which is something to bear in mind depending on your own situation.

I hope you enjoy coming on this creative journey with me and learn as much as I do in the process.

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